Our Copyright Policy

Website Copyright

Our Association is not-for-profit, and depends on attracting former students to become Life Members of our Association. The funds that we raise are used for good works in the name of the Association. Our website has been produced as the result of hundreds of hours of voluntary effort, and we request that all visitors and Members respect the copyright of this website. If you require a copy of part of our website, then please look at our CDROM webpage, and please support our good works.

Photographic Copyright

Although our Association owns many old school photos, we do not necessarily own the copyright to these photos. The British Institute of Professional Photographers states (as at 14 July 2003 and again at 21 March 2006) that:
"In fact the law on copyright changed fundamentally with the passing of the 1988 Copyright, Designs & Patents Act. Before then it was the person or company who commissioned the photography who owned the copyright. The photographer had no enduring rights to his own work. The 1988 Act reversed the situation granting photographers the same rights as had long been enjoyed by authors, painters and other creative individuals. The copyright in the photograph now belongs to the person who took it - the only exception being employed photographers, where it is his/her employer who owns the copyright unless they have a contractual agreement to the contrary."

Since most of our formal photographs were taken pre-1988 at the behest of our original Schools, and that we display these photographs with the permission of our President - the current Principal of Upton Court Grammar School and the copyright successor to the previous commissioning headteachers - we must therefore assume that there is every likelihood that we already enjoy the copyright in most of our pre-1988 formal photographs.

Irrespective of any rights under the above, we seek to identify the original photographer of each School photograph that we can identify, so that we can request copyright waivers to display a scanned copy on this website. Some older photographs do not contain the name of the photographer, and we may not otherwise have been able to identify the photographer. If you can name the unidentified photographer of any of our photographs or if you can put us in touch with the current proven copyright holder, please let us know ASAP.

The following table represents the current state of our copyright investigations and agreements.

Meaning or Copyright Status
Not yet known
We are aware of the existence of the corresponding photograph, but have been unable to locate (so far) a copy to identify the original photographer.
We have located a copy of the original photograph, but there is no identification of the photographer. We ask all visitors to our website to assist with the identification of the photographer, so that we can seek a copyright waiver. In the meantime, we will scan and display the photograph. If the photographer becomes known, then we will seek to obtain a copyright waiver or withdraw the photograph, as appropriate or necessary.
Gillman & Soame Ltd
We acknowledge Gillman & Soame Ltd's copyright over their photographs and we hold explicit written copyright waivers from Gillman & Soame Ltd to display these photographs on our website, and to include these photographs on a limited number of CDROMs.
Greville (including Cecil Greville and T.H.Greville)
In early 2001, our Chairman received a verbal copyright waiver for all the Greville School photographs from Greville Creative Group of Windsor, who we understand are the copyright successors to the Greville studios.
Henry H. Martin
We can find no trace of Mr Henry H. Martin or his estate, and we believe his copyright on pre-1928 photos has now expired. If you know otherwise, please contact us ASAP so that we can rectify the situation.
H-B News Features of Wimbledon
We can find no trace of H-B News Features of Dennis Park Crescent, Wimbledon, (unless it is HB News Ltd which was dissolved in 1984). We believe their copyright on 1949 photos has now expired. If you know otherwise, please contact us ASAP so that we can rectify the situation.
H. G. Stone of Slough
We can find no trace of Mr H. G. Stone or his estate, and we believe his copyright on 1913 photos has now expired. If you know otherwise, please contact us ASAP so that we can rectify the situation.
Panora Ltd of Clerkenwell, London
According to the Greater Manchester Record Office,
"The Panora negatives were deposited with the DPA in 1986 by the managing director of the firm who had sold his business but retained the negatives. They date from 29 September 1968 to 30 July 1985. Earlier negatives have not survived."
Panora Ltd was formally dissolved in 1989. A few years back, we were contacted by the The Greater Manchester Record Office to inform us that a copyright holder or claimant exists. We have tried to obtain contact details for clarification, but without any response.
We are aware of other school websites which have reproduced Panora Ltd school photographs without copyright acknowledgement. We will share any further copyright information that we obtain. The Greater Manchester Record Office does not have any Slough negatives, nor do any Slough negatives survive. All our Panora photographs predate the earliest 1968 survival date. Note also that all our Panora photographs predate the 1988 Copyright Act mentioned above, whereby the copyright is invested in the commissioner, not in the photographer.
Ray Studios Ltd of Braintree, Essex
We are unable to determine whether this company still exists. It is not listed at Companies House. We are aware of other school websites which have displayed Ray Studios school photographs on their websites without copyright acknowledgement. As such, we believe that Ray Studios' copyright has probably lapsed. If you know otherwise, please contact us ASAP so that we can rectify the situation.
There is a similarly-named photographic company, Alan Ray Photography of Braintree, Essex, but this has no known connection with Ray Studios Ltd.
F.J. Standerwick of Iver
We have been informed by a granddaughter that F. J. Standerwick was a photographer and sole trader of Richings Park, nr Iver, who passed away in the 1960s. The Templeman Library at the University of Kent at Canterbury has a reference to another photograph by this photographer. However, a G.Standerwick does appear in the SHS1956VM Photo.