Former Staff, Governors and Students

In Memoriam

This Roll of Honour records the passing of former members of the Old Paludians Association

Former Staff

Miss Gwenneth E Allen
SSS 1934-36, SHS 1936-39
20 November 2006
We have learned that Miss Gwen Allen died on 20 November 2006 - she was born at the latter end of 1911 and so would have been about 95 years of age. She had been a well-loved biology teacher at the Secondary School and then at the High School. After graduating from Bristol University with an MSc. Gwen Allen began her teaching career at the Secondary School in 1934 and although her subject was biology, it was botany which specially interested her. During her time in Slough , she was also involved with the Slough Girl Guides. After leaving Slough, Miss Allen went to Portsmouth but was soon evacuated to Winchester where for the duration of the War not only was she teaching full-time but was firmly involved with the Girl Guides, the Red Cross and supervised some otherwise homeless 20 evacuee children in a Hostel. The War over, she returned to teaching in Cowplain and, after several other moves including a post at Weymouth Training College, she finally became Head of Natural Sciences in, what is today, part of the University of Surrey. Her love of botany led her to writing a number of books – her 'Clue Books' were re-published in pocket form 1997 by Oxford University Press. The subjects ranged from Plants, Insects, Birds, Freshwater Animals, Flowers and Seashore Animals and a complete set of the books was presented to the School Library in 1998. The books were beautifully illustrated and constituted a unique way of teaching - the students were given clues which led them to study the subjects in great detail. When she retired, Gwen Allen went to live in Milton-under Wychwood in rural Oxfordshire where she took great delight in maintaining her beautiful garden, happily gathering seeds to pass on to her many admiring visitors. Former pupils continued to write and visit her on a regular basis and she took an active interest in the Old Paludians. Early in 2006 she went to live in a nursing home near Burford. She always said one of her abiding memories of her days at the School was of a "Staff versus Students" hockey match. It was about 1936 and probably one of the last matches ever played fielding teams of mixed sexes and it took place on a very wet afternoon. The pitch quickly became a complete sea of mud but nothing daunted, the match went on. Playing on one wing with Miss Cooke on the other, a large part of the game was spent in trying to remain upright – everyone agreed it was an hilarious afternoon and even today, well over 65 years later, it remained vividly in the minds of those who were present and was a talking point whenever former students met with her. The Old Paludians have sadly lost a very talented lady. Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Mrs N Boul
SSS 1936, SHS 1936-1973
12 September 2006
It is with deep regret that we have to inform everyone that Mrs Boul (familiarly known as Joy) died earlier today - 12 September, aged 92. She had a fall a few weeks ago but she had been very frail for a number of years before going into residential care in Woking about 4 years ago to be nearer her son, David. The cremation will take place on Wednesday 20 September at 10.30am at Slough Crematorium. Mrs Boul began teaching at Slough Secondary School in 1936, she was then Miss Aley. She went on to Twinches Lane in 1939 and had a short break when her son David was born before resuming her teaching career in the latter end of the 1940s. For many years she attended the Old Paludians Reunions until her deafness made it too difficult for her. She always took an avid interest in her former pupils and was a great source of information as she was always meeting pupils on buses and would pass on their names to us, thus drawing in more members to the Association!
Many of you will be saddened to know that another of our 'old faithfuls' has moved on to greater glory. We extend our condolences to David, his wife Marian and their family. She will be missed and we will remember her at our next Reunion on 17 March 2007. Requiescat in Pace. Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Revd Ivy Halden

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Miss G E Booth
24 September 2011
We are sad to report that Miss Booth has passed away. A eulogy will follow in due course. Miss Booth was remembered at the Centenary Reunion 2012

Miss Eileen Tucker
August 2005
News has just reached us of the death in August of Miss Eileen Tucker. She had been in a Nursing Home in Winchester for a while. When she first came to the High School she taught Religious Instruction and later on she became involved with the music of the School. Miss Eileen as she was known, was a brilliant piano player who sadly had to give up playing due to arthritis in her hands.
Miss Tucker was remembered at the Reunion 2006

Mr Stewart Binstead
25 November 2009
We have just heard that Mr Binstead has passed away. A eulogy will follow in due course. Mr Binstead was remembered at the Reunion 2010

Mrs Margaret Rowland

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Ena May Climer
SHS post war

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Major James Wharmby
June 2004
David Browne (SGS Staff: 1964-1996) writes: "Jim Wharmby taught at Slough Grammar School from 1946 until his retirement when the school merged with Slough High School in 1982, working his way from Assistant Master through Head of History to become Deputy Head. Jim was born to working-class parents on June 13th 1916, the day when the Battle of the Somme was at its fiercest. He died just 10 days after his 88th birthday. When he was just four years of age, Jim's parents emigrated on Titanic's sister ship, Olympia to the USA, intending to settle in Canada. However, a problem with their documents meant that they were thrown off the train on the Canadian border in the middle of the night and eventually settled in the USA. Although the family only stayed for about six years before returning to Lancashire, Jim remembered his days in the USA at the time of prohibition and speak-easies and was tickled pink on a travel day to the Science Museum to see a model of the Olympia. After returning home, Jim attended grammar school and Sheffield University, where he excelled at history and cross-country running, remembering his journeys on a tram in running kit back to the halls of residence. Jim had signed-up to take a master's degree, although he left to take a teaching post in Aintree. Sadly, the war prevented his ever taking the MA course. Jim had many stories to tell of the war, with the notable exception of his time with Orde Wingate's Chindits, fighting behind enemy lines in Burma. His experiences of service in the UK, the regimental boxing tournament he organised in Poona and the meeting, in India, of his future wife, Joan, were well recounted, but scarcely a word was ever said, even to his family, about his horrific time fighting in the jungles of Burma. Like most of the Chindits, Jim was invalided out and it was in hospital in India that he met Joan, a nurse. Jim had volunteered for service in the Far East. The positive result of this was a very happy marriage, the negative side was a legacy of malaria and what his son, Michael described as occasional attacks of the 'screaming ab-dabs' in the middle of the night. He received a glowing reference from his CO when he was demobbed as a major ("Calm in a crisis, possessed of a good sense of humour…. I would not hesitate to recommend this man for a position of responsibility") Jim was one of the long-serving staff who came to Slough just after the War and who were the backbone of the School for three or more decades. Many members of his A-Level classes were taught of the importance of Prinz Eugen, even if the examiners never seemed to feature this person too prominently, and many O-Level students learned to chant 'Big Bulgaria'! Jim introduced British Constitution, took an evening course in Sociology and trained history teachers for Reading University. At times he was feared by some pupils, who were on the end of a burst of rhetorical questions which could not be answered but yet had to be ("Why did you bring that bottle of beer on a travel day, Appleby?", "To drink, sir", "What do you mean, to drink?"; or, in the Cadet Hut, "Where were you throwing that dart, boy", "Over there, sir", "What do you mean, over there?"). Yet basically Jim was a kind and humorous man with a love for his subject and a dedication to teaching. He was a conscientious and methodical marker of work. Absolute rubbish would be gone over several times ("But this boy must have written this for a reason, what do you think he meant?"). Disguised criticism was always polite ("You are a very quick marker, aren't you? I don't know how you do it so quickly"). Indeed, Jim was the politest man you could ever meet. He always stood up if the Headmaster or a female teacher talked to him while he was having his morning coffee, for example. It was as 'The Major' that Jim will be remembered by many Old Paludians. As OC of the School ACF unit, Jim ran the cadets for over 25 years, with little or no help for much of the time. Sunday morning shooting on the School range (such a thing would never be allowed today?) took place regularly. No half-term went by without an exercise in the hills above Marlow, although he did get upset once when the opposing force attacked while he was giving out the rations. The signals section received national awards, camps were enjoyed every summer, although relations with the headquarters at Aylesbury were sometimes prickly. After retirement, Jim went through a difficult period, suffering from a form of agoraphobia and declining all invitations to return to the School. His wife died prematurely and then in 1999 he lost his younger son, briefly an Old Paludian, to a wasting disease. Yet he was proud of his family, Helen, County Music Adviser, Caroline, businesswoman and long-time resident in Norway, and Michael, who still serves in the Army as a Brigadier, decorated for leading the British troops in Rwanda and currently Director of Logistics. His grandchildren also gave him much pleasure. Thanks to the family, especially daughter-in-law Sarah, and a dedicated band of carers, Jim was able to remain at home until a couple of weeks before his death, ever alert, determined, and polite, if increasingly frail. On behalf of many former pupils and colleagues - Thanks, Jim: we are grateful for the influence you had on our lives." Major Wharmby was remembered at the Reunion 2005

Mrs Phyllis Binstead
SHS 1947-1976
17 July 2008
It is with deep regret that we have to inform everyone that Mrs Phyllis Binstead died on 17 July 2008 after a short illness. Her funeral was held on 12.30pm Monday 28 July at Haycombe Crematorium, Bath. A more complete eulogy will appear in due course. Our thoughts are with her husband Stewart Binstead (SGS Staff: 1945-1977), their daughter Elisabeth Harvey (Binstead, SHS1955-62), 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Mr and Mrs Binstead had celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in Dec 2007. Requiescat in Pace. Remembered at the Reunion 2009

Miss Edna Robertshaw
November 2002
We have received the news of the death of Miss Edna Robertshaw who taught maths at the High School. She joined the staff around 1947 and many girls will remember her during their time at the School. We are saddened to lose another of our well-respected teachers. Miss Robertshaw was remembered at our Reunion in March 2003, and a suitable book was put into the school library in her memory.

Miss Stella Saunderson
SHS1947-82, UGS 1982-85
11 January 2009
It is with the greatest sadness that we report the death of Miss Stella Saunderson who taught at Slough High School and Upton Grammar School for many years. She died at Wexham Park Hospital early on 11 January. We are saddened to lose another of our well-respected teachers. Miss Saunderson was remembered at our Reunion in March 2009, and a suitable book was put into the school library in her memory. A Tribute from Margaret Rowland. "I knew Stella for over 60 yrs - even longer than she sang with the Slough Philharmonic. She was a colleague at SHS for 30 years and, as we both stayed in Slough after our retirement, we remained close friends. For many of those years we were holiday companions travelling on the continent and touring in the UK. Strangely enough, though an excellent geographer, she was not an entirely reliable navigator. Thus, one day, aiming for Ely Cathedral, we actually arrived at an American air base and discovered that the road we thought we were following was actually a parish boundary! We were to meet a friend for coffee at 10 a.m. (one of those people to whom 10 a.m. meant 10 a.m.) and we did not make it! One of the many things I shall always remember is Stella's amazing memory. She recognised most of her ex-pupils and not only really remembered them, but also knew who were their contemporaries and what they did after leaving school. I have not been blessed with such a memory so will miss being able to pick her brains about our shared past both as friends and colleagues. Stella was also a long-standing member of the Old Paludians Association, attending many reunions and meeting up with old colleagues and friends."

Miss Marguerite L White
October 2005
It is with the greatest sadness that we report the death of Miss White at the age of 95. So many of her former pupils kept in touch with her and she always delighted in hearing their news. Despite failing eyesight she loved gardening and taking part in village life in Yorkshire. The world is a sadder place for her going and we have so many happy memories of her. Her eldest nephew, John, has sent us her Obituary which will be repeated in the Newletter at our Reunion in March. We all send our condolences to her family - the newest arrival was taken to see her just a few days before her death which gave her such a pleasure. John White wrote: "Marguerite died peacefully at St John's Residential Home in Kirk Hammerton, York, on Wednesday 5th October and her funeral will be held at the Harrogate Crematorium at 11.40 am on Friday 14th October. Marguerite was born in Reading on 18th May 1910. She won a scholarship to the Abbey School, Reading and subsequently a scholarship to Reading University where she took a degree in French and a Diploma in Education. During this time she also spent a year studying at the University of Nancy. She taught initially at King Edward's Grammar School in Coalville, Leicestershire, and then for the greater part of her career at Slough High School where she eventually became the Head of Modern Languages. In 1971 she retired to Felpham, Sussex and enjoyed many happy years by the sea, painting, tending her garden and travelling on holiday overseas with her close friends. Marguerite then spent her latter years in Yorkshire, closer to her family. She never married but took great delight and interest in the lives and activities of her nephews and their families." Miss White was remembered at Reunion 2006.

Miss Phyllis Haywood
26 April 2002
Jean Tyler (Chairman) represented the Old Paludians Association at the funeral of Miss Phyllis Haywood on Wednesday, 1st May 2002 at Deanway United Church, Chalfont St Giles. Miss Rowland, Miss Saunderson, Miss Booth and Miss Shaw were present. Miss Haywood taught history at SHS from 1950 until 1965 and then left to develop a career as a librarian. She had been unwell with cancer for some time, and died on Friday 26th April 2002. She had planned to come to our Reunion this year but didn't arrive on the day. We arranged for some flowers to be sent to her and had received a nice letter of thanks. Miss Haywood was remembered at our Reunion in March 2003, and a suitable book was put into the school library in her memory.

Miss Connie Shaw
20 February 2004
It is with much sadness that we have to report the death of Miss Connie Shaw on 20 February. She had become increasingly frail over the past few months with several spells in hospital and was re-admitted soon after Christmas. Connie came to the High School in 1951 and taught RI until she left in 1974. She then went to the Selly Oak College of the Ascension and from there she spent a lot of time in Africa, particularly in Manzini where she taught at St Michael's School. After retirement she then worked for the Council of Swaziland Churches and she travelled extensively whilst in Africa. Having finally returned to Slough, she continued to go on occasional missions abroad and was a lay reader for several local churches in and around Slough. Reunions will not be the same without Connie for she attended regularly despite her mobility problems over the last couple of years and she had been delighted her cataract operations last year had enabled her to see properly again. Many people in many walks of life will mourn her passing. Miss Shaw was remembered at Reunion 2004

Mr Glen Fallows
SGS1960-1982; UGS1982-1988
May 2003
After his National Service with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Glen Fallows went to Cambridge in 1952 and took his MA at Pembroke College. His first teaching post was at the Licensed Victuallers’ School, and in 1963 he joined the English Department of Slough Grammar School for Boys, later becoming Head of Department, the post he held until he retired in July 1988. During these 25 years he instilled in his pupils a deep knowledge of, and love for, English language and literature. He was a highly regarded member of the Staff at SGS (and subsequently Upton Grammar School) both for his outstanding and imaginative teaching and for his unstinted involvement in numerous school activities and educational outings. But he was, perhaps, mostly remembered and admired for his many play productions which were as varied as Journey’s End, Juno and the Paycock and the tragedies, histories and comedies of Shakespeare. He was widely admired as a man of great erudition, with a sense of humour and an excellent turn of phrase. He had a keen interest in Music and especially the Fine Arts – and was an active painter himself. In addition he was a staunch supporter of Milton House as a vigorous cheer-leader, "Come on, Milton, let’s have another one!" Sadly he died early last May, but his memory will remain in the minds of so many Old Paludians. Thank you to Mr Painter, Mr Roberts and Mrs Holgate for this tribute. Mr Fallows was remembered at Reunion 2004.

Mr Robert Frankl
SGS Governor 1960s
24 March 2005
Mr Robert Frankl, a former Mayor of Slough and a Governor at Slough Grammar School for several years, has died aged 90, just a few days after his wife Charlotte who taught French and German at Slough High School from 1969-1971. Mr & Mrs Frankl's three children, Eva, David and Michael, are all Old Paludians.
The funeral was held in Slough on Monday 4th April 2005. Mr Frankl was remembered at Reunion 2006.

Mrs Olwen Holgate
SGS Staff / UGS Staff 1965-1989
April 2011
Mrs Olwen Holgate who taught English at SGS and UGS had died after illness. An English graduate, Mrs Holgate was the first female member of the SGS teaching staff, apart from the war years. She taught French in her first year at SGS, but then moved to the English Department, where she eventually became Deputy Head of Department. In extra-curricular activities, Mrs Holgate organised school plays, and tutored public-speaking. Ian Cairns (Webmaster, SGS 1964-1971, SGS Staff: 2003-2005) writes: "Mrs Holgate taught French before moving to the English Dept. where she contributed so much to the School's drama achievements over many years. In French, I well remember occasional lessons where she produced a dansette record player and the latest Françoise Hardy pop records - advanced audio-visual aids for the late 1960s!". The funeral was held at Slough Crematorium: Thursday 28 April at 13:00. Mr Painter joined the family in delivering a eulogy. Mrs Holgate was remembered at Reunion 2012.

Mr Richard 'Dick' Taylor
SGS Staff / UGS Staff 1965-1984
November 2008
Mr Dick Taylor, who taught Mathematics at Slough Grammar School and Upton Grammar School for many years and became Head of Mathematics on the retirement of Mr 'GAD' Dickinson, has died following a fall. Ian Cairns (Webmaster, SGS 1964-1971, SGS Staff: 2003-2005) writes: "Dick Taylor joined the RAF working on Blind Landing systems, learning practical electrical skills that would remain with him throughout his life. He studied Mathematics at Birkbeck College during evening classes, and took his teaching qualifications at Culham College, Abingdon, in Oxfordshire. At his first teaching position at John Hampden Grammar School, he met his future wife Val and, in 1965, they moved to Slough, with Dick joining SGS and Val joining SHS. Colleagues remember his easily-approachable style, his tireless efforts and probably the wall of smoke around the bridge table in the Staff Room. Students will remember his quiet infectious enthusiasm for his subject (often referred to as 'Sums' rather than Mathematics), and sharing the enjoyment of any problem as a challenge to be overcome. Those students number at least 3 current university professors (Statistics, Chemistry and Engineering). On GAD's retirement, Dick took over as Head of Mathematics, which position he then held until his own retirement. With the SHS merger in 1982, Dick again shared a staffroom with his wife, who subsequently took over from him as Head of Mathematics." The funeral was held at Slough Crematorium: Friday 21 November at 12:00. Mr Taylor was remembered at Reunion 2009.

Mr Brian Roberts
SGS Staff / UGS Staff 1967-1980s
25 March 2008
Mr Brian Roberts, who was for many years Deputy Head of Slough Grammar School and Upton Grammar School until his retirement, died on 25 March 2008. It is hoped to include a more substantial epitaph in due course. The funeral was held at Breakspear Crematorium on 1 April 2008. Mr Roberts was remembered at Reunion 2009.

Mrs Dwynwen "Dee" Hudson
15 November 2005
Her son Matthew Hudson writes: "I'm writing regarding my Mum, Dwynwen 'Dee' Hudson, who taught English at SHS between 1968 and 1981 - for some period of time she served as Head of the English department. Mum died on 15th November 2005 at St Mary's in Paddington. 2 years earlier she had suffered a severe stroke which left her paralysed and unable to communicate easily. She spent the last two years of her life being cared for at Leominster hospital, then West Eaton home and in the last months of her life with her daughter Alice (also ex SHS) in Queens Park, NW London. She suffered a final stroke on Monday 14th from which she never regained consciousness. After SHS she and her husband John moved to Leominster in Herefordshire. Here the pair spent 25 happy years during which they immersed themselves in the local community, being active members of local historical and horticultural societies and being regular attendees at the Priory church. Mum found outlets for her creative side in wool spinning, dying and knitting. She also became an accomplished lacewoman who created fabulously intricate designs to strain her eyes with. At the Millennium she cajoled the townspeople to produce the "Leominster Loop", a human chain of hands held around the town on Midsummers day. This in turn was celebrated by the planting in a local park of a tree acrostic - the initial letters of each tree name spelled the words "LEOMINSTER LOOP". She greatly enjoyed the company of her children and their children who now range in age from 0-18. In October 2004 her husband John passed away but Dee's last year was much brightened by the arrival of a grand-daughter Gwen who arrived very soon after her 83rd birthday in March 2005. Dee's children Alice and Matthew would be delighted to receive messages from any contemporaries or pupils of Dee's: these will be read at her funeral which takes place at St Anne's Church, Salusbury Road, Brondesbury, London NW6 6RG on Saturday 26th November at 11.15am - all are welcome but no flowers please." Matthew can be reached at: . Mrs Hudson was remembered at Reunion 2006

Mr W. Ian James
SGS1968-1982; UGS1982-1985
December 2003
David Rogers writes: "We were saddened to hear, just before Christmas, the news of the death, at the age of 84, of Mr W. Ian James. He was appointed to Slough Grammar School for Boys in 1968 as Head of Modern Languages, continuing in that role in Upton Grammar School until his retirement in 1985. He became a Senior Housemaster, and was Teacher-Governor for many years. Ah, yes!
With a proud war record, he was a strong and vigorous teacher, a skilled and successful manager and someone who, both in school and retirement, seemed indestructible. We send our condolences to his widow and family" Mr James was remembered at Reunion 2004.

Mrs Charlotte Frankl
18 March 2005
We were saddened to hear of the death, at the age of 83, of Mrs Charlotte Frankl, who taught French and German at the High School from September 1969 to July 1971. Mrs Frankl was a former Mayoress of Slough. Mr & Mrs Frankl's three children, Eva, David and Michael, are all Old Paludians. The funeral was held on Tuesday, 22 March 2005 in Slough. Remembered at Reunion 2005.

Dr David Whitehouse
SHS1983, UGS1983-1992, SGS1992-2007
13 March 2011
We were very saddened to hear of the death, following a long battle against illness, of Dr David Whitehouse - the last of the SHS teachers still teaching at SGS until his recent retirement. Our thoughts are with Shelagh and the family at this time. Following the funeral on 24 March, it is hoped to include a fuller obituary here. David taught chemistry until converting to IT, at which he excelled. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Remembered at Reunion 2012

Mrs Anita Taylor

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Former Students

Connie Edwards née Smith

Died on 4 May 2016 aged 106. Funeral arrangements will be given in due course. Will be remembered at the Reunion 2016

Ned Hartley

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Molly Page née Sands

A Thanksgiving service for her life was held on 22nd August 2002 at 3pm at the United Reformed Church, Burnham. A card has been sent expressing our sympathy. Remembered at the Reunion 2003

G M 'Benny' Bennett née Knight

We have to report the death of one of our oldest members at the age of 94. 'Benny' as she was always known, had lived for a number of years at Burnham Lodge. She always greeted family and friends with a smile and enjoyed their visits. She passed away peacefully on 18 November 2004 after a very short illness - her funeral will take place at Slough Crematorium on Tuesday 30 Novemeber at 1pm. We extend our sympathy to her sister Gwen, so long our Old Paludians treasurer, and other members of Benny's family. Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Robert J (Bob) Sands
SSS 1923-1928
17 July 2006
Sadly Bob died on 17 July aged 94. He was the last of the 'Sands dynasty' who became living legends in their time at our Schools and was one of six, all of whom were Old Paludians. There were two boys and four girls and all were talented on the sports field and academically. Bob had been a long serving member of Burnham United Reformed Church with his brother Alf but latterly had lived in Cookham. He died peacefully in hospital and our condolences to his family. A memorial service was held on Wednesday 7 September, 2pm at United Reformed Church in Burnham. Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Jean Bailey née Sands

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Robert Westmore
SSS1927-1933 approx
June 2003 in Hamilton, Ontario
Remembered at the Reunion 2004

Ron Bruce

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Esmé Holloway née Berendt

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

G Peter Bennett
22 January 2009
Sadly Peter died this morning (22 January) - he would have been 90 in June. He was the chief author of our first Old Paludians book "Recollections of Slough Secondary School and the Old Paludians". He was the last boy to go through the doors of the old Slough Secondary School in July 1936 after a nostalgic walk through the corridors, out onto the Lower Field and on through the gates with one last look at the building - Lascelles Road became the home for the boys in September 1936. He was a bit nervous as a boy in 1930 but now he was a man. Peter joined the Old Paludians as he left school and was still an Old Paludian - he had maintained a lifetime's involvement in the Association. He had a most distinguished service during WW2 having seen action on 3 continents and he attained the rank Captain. We will miss a most loyal servant of the Old Paludians and give thanks for his very full life. He was remembered at our 2009 Reunion. We offer our condolences to his nephew Clive. The funeral will be at St Lawrence's Church, Upton but no date is fixed at present. Remembered at the Reunion 2009

John Dean

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Alan Blay

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

John Gunn
2 March 2005
Sadly we have to report the death of John Gunn on 2 March in Chichester. This is the end of an era for the five Gunn brothers, all went to the School - the youngest, Colin, the only one to go to Lascelles Road and now all five brothers have gone. John was very artistic and his career was as a Teacher of Art in the Chichester area. After retirement, he took up pottery and was equally well respected in this field becoming a brilliant tutor at the West Dean College, near Chichester which is affiliated to the University of Sussex, and teaches past and present crafts in a splendid country setting. John had a very distinguished wartime career including service in Burma - notably in the Battle for Kohima. We extend our sympathy to his wife Patricia and to his family. The funeral was held in Chichester during the week 7-11 March; we have no other details at the moment. Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Norah Littlehales
SSS1931-1936, SHS1936-1937

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Peggy Needham née Nichols

Remembered at Reunion 2015

George Pontin
SSS1931-1936, SGS
19 January 2008
Everyone will be saddened by the news of George's death on 19 January. He was an enthusiastic Old Paludian for many years - he supported most of the events and always attended Reunions. He was famous for his 'bird seed holders' which he made and was able to raise a considerable sum of money for charity and the RSPB. He always generously donated several to our raffles on Reunion Day. In 2001, at the age of 80, he surprised everyone by becoming engaged to Nancy and we were always pleased to welcome her to our Reunions. His passing is the end of an era and our annual get-togethers will never seem quite the same without him. We extend our condolences to his family, Dorothy, Lynne and Bill and, of course, to Nancy at this very sad time. The funeral will take place on Friday 8 February at St Mary's Church, Church Lane, Wexham at 11.30am. Family and relatives only will attend the committal at the Crematorium but everyone is invited to attend the reception at Stoke Place.
Remembered at the Reunion 2008

Elna Cook née McKenzie
SSS1932-1936, SHS1936-1938

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Margaret Black née Sands
SSS1932-1936, SHS1936-1937
15 December 2005
Sadly we have to report the passing of another Old Paludian. At the age of 84, Margaret Black (1932-37) died on 15 December 2005. She was a member of the Sands family and now only Robert (Bob) is left of that illustrious family, all of whom played such a big part in the corporate life of the Secondary School, Grammar School and High School in the early days. For those of you who remember her and live nearby, there will be a Memorial Service at Emmanuel Church, The Grove, West Wickham, Kent on Thursday 5 January. Her husband Charles has requested no flowers but any donations to go to The Leprosy Mission. No other details known at present. Remembered at Reunion 2006.

Barbara Head née Mines
SSS1932-1936, SHS1936-1938

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Joan Clack née Waite
SSS1932-1936, SHS1936-1938
September 2005
Remembered at the Reunion 2006

Margaret Gillett née McGillivray
SSS1932-1936, SHS1936-1937
22 April 2007
Sadly we have to report the death of another Old Paludian at the age of 85 years. Margaret had been an enthusiastic member of the Association for a long time and always loved to read the latest news of all her contemporaries regretting their ever-decreasing numbers. In March last year, Margaret and her husband Jim celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a lovely party. Poor health had prevented her from attending more recent Reunions. Margaret's brother William was at SGS (1931-38) and in 2005 she gave a donation to the library in his memory - it was to be a book about mathematics since he excelled at this subject. We will miss her regular newsy items in the Newsletters and send our thoughts and condolences to her husband. The funeral will take place at Reading Crematorium (Caversham) at 11.30am on 14 May. Remembered at our Reunion 2008.

Jack Brittain
SSS1932-1936, SGS1936-1939
October 2006
It is with regret we have learned of the recent death of Dr Jack Brittain. He had been an Old Paludian for a number of years but has been unable to attend Reunions recently. When he attended some 6 years ago he said he always looked forward to these occasions because recollecting his schooldays with his former school friends made growing older a little easier. We offer our condolences to his son Jon and all the family. Remembered at the Reunion 2007.

David Neale
SSS1934-35, SGS1936-40
17 December 2005
With regret, we have learned David passed away peacefully in hospital on 17 December 2005. He was 82 years old. For a number of years David lived in the Woodford Green area with his wife Ann, daughter, son-in-law and the 3 grandchildren. After retirement in 1989 he kept busy sharing in the Bible presentation work of Gideons International, including giving to children in some 44 secondary schools in the NE London and Essex area. Neither David nor Ann have been able to attend recent Reunions as the years have taken their toll. More recently David's mobility was seriously affected by Parkinson's disease. Our condolences to Ann and his family including brother Robert in New Zealand. Remembered at the Reunion 2006

Mavis Dorette Mackinnon née Cooper
SSS1935-1936, SHS1936-1941
17 April 2005
We have to report the sudden death of Mavis in mid-April. She had sent her best wishes to everyone in the recent Newsletter saying public transport was difficult now and so was unable to attend the Reunion. Mavis had been a member of the Old Paludians for many years and we offer our condolences to her sister Barbara, also an Old Paludian, to her daughter and the other family members.
Remembered at the Reunion 2006

John Mabbott
SSS1935-1936, SGS1936-1941
January 2006
Having enjoyed both Christmas and New Year, John Mabbott died quite suddenly a day or two ago at the age of 81. John had been a member of the Old Paludians for many years. He started at the Secondary School in 1935 and was then at the Grammar School until 1941 - many of his 'old' friends and former classmates will be saddened by this news. Only last year he said he missed his annual trips to Cape Town now that his daughter had returned to the UK and although unable to play the organ due to arthritis, he still managed gentle daily exercise but wasn't sure who was slower, his dog or himself. John had lived in Hesketh Bank, Lancs, for a long time and we extend our sympathy to all his family, especially brother Alan who is an Old Paludians committee member. Remembered at the Reunion 2006.

Betty Bristow née Hathaway
15 June 2002
Betty died on 15 June 2002. Her cremation was on Monday 24 June 2002. Remembered at the Reunion 2003

Ken Bryant
27 August 2012
We have to report the death of Ken Bryant on Monday evening. Ken was for many years a member of the Old Paludians Association Committee. Further details will be available from the Chair, Jean Tyler. Ken was remembered at the Reunion 2013

George Milne

Remembered at Reunion 2015

William John Omer
17 October 2007
Bill Omer passed away suddenly on 17 October 2007 following a heart attack. He was born in Slough and attended Slough Grammar School for Boys between 1936-1943. On leaving school he took up an Engineering Cadetship travelling to Acton College each day for his training. Following this he joined the Army as a Royal Signals Officer and was posted to Germany at the end of the war. On leaving the Army in June 1948 he studied at Regent Street Polytechnic for a degree in Electrical Engineering which he passed with First Class Honours. For a while he worked in research for a telecommunications company in Taplow where he met his wife Mollie. He then moved into teaching Electrical Engineering, in the 1960s. He was at East Berks College Maidenhead at first and then at Slough College from where he retired. He was a very successful teacher getting excellent results from his students. He had many interests, the main one being Amateur Radio which was a passion from boyhood. He was also a very good watercolour and pencil artist. He loved the coast and countryside and was also an excellent swimmer in his younger day. He leaves behind his wife Mollie, his two daughters Julia and Sue and grandchildren Ellie and Ben and will be sadly missed by many. Bill died on 17 October and his funeral was at Slough Crematorium on 29th October at 3.30pm. Donations in lieu of flowers to Alzheimers Society / Barnados c/o Newman & Son, 180 Stoke Road, Slough SL2 5AS. Remembered at the Reunion 2008

Jean Williams née Eldridge
30 June 2006
It is with regret we have learned that Jean died on 30 June 2006. We offer condolences to her family and friends. Remembered at the Reunion 2007.

John W Griffith

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

George Borwell

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Kathleen Bryant née Prior

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Islay Cox née Lovegrove

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Irene Elfer née Bubb
SHS 1937-1942
7 February 2008
After a serious operation, Irene died suddenly on 7th February in hospital in New Orleans about 50 miles from her home in Houma, Louisiana, USA. It was a great shock to her sisters Muriel and Christine as she had been fit and well and very active until about six weeks before. The operation appeared to have been successful but a few days later complications set in and she died very suddenly. Rene was a G.I. bride in 1945. Widowed seventeen years ago, she leaves four children, eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren. In 2003 Rene wrote to the Old Paludians asking if we could put her in touch with any of her former classmates - we found several for her and she was thrilled to bits. All 3 Bubb sisters were members and, although unable to attend Reunions, Rene always waited for those phone calls or emails as soon as the Reunion was over so that she could hear all about it, who her sisters had met and what photographs they had taken. She wrote in 2005 to say she always kept busy with her large family which included 5 great grandchildren yet still found time to do voluntary work three days a week at the local hospital for over 30 years. In USA they use their volunteers much more than we do in England & they have more responsibilities, almost like our Nursing Assistants. Indeed, she was a cadet in St. John Ambulance when she was very young and continued until she went to America. She always looked forward to the Newsletters. Old Paludians of all generations send their condolences to Muriel and Christine and to all the wider family. Her life was one of service to others. Remembered at the Reunion 2008.

Leslie Summers

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Faith Atkinson

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Vic Benbridge
27 July 2002
With much sadness we have learned that Vic died on 27 July. He always attended Reunions with his wife, Muriel, until the last few years when he was unable to travel. He married Muriel Cooke, who was at the High School from 1940-46, and their many friends will regret the passing of one of life's real characters. He is greatly missed and we send our thoughts and condolences to Muriel at this time. Remembered at the Reunion 2003

Jean K Jones née Grant
Betty Hull writes to tell us of the death of her friend Jean at the end of 2007. Jean always looked forward to the arrival of the Newsletter – she said it was such a welcome sight as it arrived with the post. She was our 'sole representative' on the continent of Africa, living in Bergvliet which is in the southern suburbs of Capetown and looked to be a glorious location from the postcards she sent each Spring regretting she could not make the journey to attend Reunions having reached the 'golden oldie' stage. It is sad to learn of her passing and our thoughts go to her family as well as to Betty and Jean Bostock who corresponded with her through the years. Remembered at the Reunion 2008.

Bernard Winter
September 2011
We have just learned that Bernard Winter has passed away recently. He and his wife Maureen (Ragg, SHS1949-52) attended several OPA Reunions. He was remembered at the Reunion 2012

Alan Keith Brimmer
SGS 1938-1944
15 June 2007
Sadly we report the recent death of Alan on 15 June at the age of 82 years. He was still living in Slough and his funeral took place at St Lawrence's Church in Slough on 25 June, it was attended by several Old Paludians. By trade or profession he was a designer and manufacturer of laboratory equipment, particularly for ICI. We extend our condolences to friends and family. Remembered at the Reunion 2008

John A White
SGS 1938-1944
September 2004
Sadly John passed away at the beginning of September and his funeral took place on 15 September. Many will remember him as a keen cricketer and hockey player - he represented the Old Paludians for many years on the sports field. He worked at the Admiralty Compass Observatory (ACO) at Datchet until retirement. John and his wife Ruby (How SHS1944-49) always attended the Reunions after lunch. We extend to Ruby and the family our sincere condolences. Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Joyce Amoroso née Kirtland
Remembered at Reunion 2015

Barbara Bignell née Hall

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Jean Bignell née Climer

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Sheila Elphick née Foster

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Paddy May

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Peter Robert Marler

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Kathleen Robinson

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Tony Stevenson
May 2002
Remembered at the Reunion 2003

Roy J. Turvey
SGS 1939-1944
25 August 2007
Roy Turvey, whose name appears in our Reunion displays, has died. Although Roy thought much of his schooldays and donated much of his SGS memorabilia to the Association, he didn't wish to attend Reunions. We extend to Marjorie and the family our sincere condolences. Remembered at the Reunion 2008

June Barrell née Massey

Remembered at Reunion 2015

John Long
28 March 2006
Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Vernon Wardall

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Jacqueline Llewellyn

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Angela Mitchell née Jaques
31 December 2002
Remembered at the Reunion 2003

Rosemary Barron née Brien
February 2003
Remembered at the Reunion 2004

Mary Cane

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Sylvia Mary Coates née McLennan

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Peggy Rapley née Haskell

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Barbara Swift née Porrett
7 January 2007
Barbara regularly attended reunions with her sister June (1944 - 52). She worked for many years as a personal secretary at Cement and Concrete Association at Wexham and it was here that she met her future husband Jim. They celebrated their Ruby Wedding in the year 2000. Remembered at the Reunion 2007

David Jewell
David was a deputy head boy at the Grammar School and subsequently a teacher of Mathematics elsewhere. For many years he was a stalwart of the OPA Committee, organising the tannoy at Reunions. It is hoped to include a fuller obituary here in due course. Will be remembered at Reunion 2016

Roy Buckland
13 June 2004
Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Valerie Burridge née Dyke
May 2003
Remembered at the Reunion 2004

Jean Cartwright née Berryman
November 2006
Mildred Thomas (née Price SHS1944-1949) writes: "I am very sad to report the sudden death of Jean who has been my friend since we were both 6 years old at Datchet School. We were in the same form at the High School & were both in the choir for several years with Miss Eileen Tucker as choirmaster, which gave both of us our love of music. Our ways parted when we left school but we have still communicated all these years. She moved to Norfolk from Kent in 1979 & sadly her husband Norman died suddenly, eighteen months after they moved there. She then became very active in village life, parish & town clerk, treasurer or secretary of several organisations & led a very busy life. I had a postcard from her two weeks before she died, from Corsica & Sardinia where she was having "a whale of a time". Would that we could all end our days still very much enjoying life, as she did. Our condolences to her two sons & to Bob, her brother (exSGS), & their families." Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Sylvia Jewell née Smith
June 2012
The Committee is sad to report the death of Sylvia Jewell. Our thoughts are with David and his family. Remembered at the Reunion 2013

Margaret Majewski née Pontin
2 May 2004
We have to announce the sudden and unexpected death of Margaret Majewski. Margaret was a loyal and supportive member of the Old Paludians - always ready to help whenever possible and she will be greatly missed. Our condolences to her brother George. Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Ann Neale née Keeping

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Richard (Dick) Robotham
19 April 2007
It is with sadness we have learned of Richard's death on 19 April after a distressing illness. The funeral has already taken place. Dick was the middle one of three brothers at the Grammar School who spanned several decades. He, together with his younger brother John, became an Old Paludian in 2003 at his brother Frank's insistence when all three attended the Reunion! Together with many friends, we offer our sympathy to Frank and John and the family at this time. Remembered at the Reunion 2008

Mike Turner
5 September 2004
Valerie Storie (SHS 1949-55) writes: "It is with sadness I have to report the very sudden death of Mike Turner on 5 September. Mike lived in our 'most exotic location' in the tropical rainforests of northern Queensland. He had spent many years abroad including Papua New Guinea until settling in QLD. He regularly returned on visits to UK to see his family and friends as well as taking in the Reunion for the Hong Kong Police - held in London each year. He had already written his contribution for the new Book due out next March and his family have given permission for us to go ahead with his entry. Mike only came to see me in July and had enjoyed his trip back to England immensely. His funeral took place on Wednesday 15 September and our thoughts go out to his family." Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Graham Holmes
9 December 2006
After a number of years of being desperately ill, Graham died on 9 December 2006. In the past Graham had been actively involved in the fund raising, planning and building of the Sports Clubhouse at Taplow. He played in the hockey and cricket teams with skill and enthusiasm and with his wife, Valerie, had a wide circle of friends. Valerie recalled in the 2003 newsletter that although not ex-SHS, she knew many of the Old Paludians through Graham’s keen association with the hockey and cricket teams. She went on to say that 40 odd years ago most of her weekends were spent up at the Clubhouse in Taplow. In sending Valerie the condolences of all their many friends in the Old Paludians, the sadness is tinged with relief that the suffering of all the family is over, Graham is at peace and gone to a better place. "Grieve not that he has gone but give thanks that he was". Remembered at Reunion 2007

Bill Warren

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Gillian Crane née Austin

Remembered at Reunion 2015

Ann French née Hendey
It is with much regret that we have to report Ann's death after a number of years of ill-health. Ann devoted her whole working life to teaching both in the UK and abroad whilst her husband was serving with the RAF. Her first teaching post was Head of Home Economics at Slough & Eton C of E school where the Headmaster was Mr Arnold Boul, husband of our much loved Mrs Joy Boul. They, too, devoted their lives to education/teaching. Ann's last post was Head of a well-known Stage School. After her retirement Ann spent a considerable time working at her computer and produced some very attractive laminated bookmarks (SGS, SHS and OPA) for sale at Reunions to help our funds along - she also designed some notelets. She was a true friend of the Old Paludians and it is with sadness that we send her husband Don, her sister Margaret and all the family our sincere condolences. Remembered at Reunion 2008

Chris Penman
18 September 2006
The shock news has been announced of the death of Chris Penman on Monday 18 September. He would have been 70 in two weeks time and only six weeks ago gave up his part time lecturing post with the Institute of Marketing. He lived near Evesham and had been at a village meeting that evening - he went out to get some fresh air and when his wife came to look for him, he was dead in his Land Rover. He was a particular friend of Peter Burgess and was one of the legendary UVB boys - a whole group of lads who first met on starting at SGS in 1949 and have been put in touch again over the past few years. They all came together at Reunions each year and also held mini reunions themselves a couple of times during the year. This is what friendship means, it has endured over 55 years and it was through the Old Paludians that they have re-lived madcap days at school. Funeral details are not yet known but please feel free to contact Valerie Storie ( ) for further information - she is an honorary member of the UVB gang! The Old Paludians send condolences to his wife Gillian and the family - also to Peter who met up with him weekly and all his other friends. Chris was remembered at our Reunion on 17 March 2007. Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Leonard (Len) Jackson
We have learned of the recent death of Len Jackson. He was remembered at the School Centenary Reunion 2012

Caroline Lovegrove née Duckett
7 April 2003
We have learned of the sad death on 7 April of Caroline Lovegrove née Duckett aged 65. Caroline was at the High School from 1949 until 1955. The funeral took place at St Mary's Church in Slough on Thursday 17 April at 12 noon followed by a private cremation. We offer her family our condolences and, as an Old Paludian, she was remembered with the gift of a book to the School Library
Remembered at the Reunion 2004

Valerie Storie
26 March 2016
Valerie Storie, for a long time Secretary and Membership Secretary of the OPA, died at home on 26 March 2016 and was cremated on 19 April 2016. It is hoped to include a fuller obituary here in due course. Will be remembered at Reunion 2016

Colin Doolan

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Anna Ilson née Hartley

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Philip Lawrence

Friends will be shocked to learn of Phil's sudden death from a heart attack on 11 October. He wanted to teach languages but went into engineering when his A-level results weren't good enough and became the only Wimpey apprentice to speak Latin. He spent most of his working life in Windsor; he married Denise from Langley Grammar in 1968 and they had a son and daughter. Denise sadly died in 2002. They moved to Flackwell Heath about 25 years ago and Phil continued his lifetime passion in the Scouting Movement in the village having been previously involved with 3rd Upton in Slough. In April 2005 he was awarded a Certificate by the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire in recognition of his 40 years of service to the Movement. Phil was a member of the Scout Fellowship in Marlow and also very involved in his local community. A small unnamed track used by the 1st Flackwell Heath Scouts to get to their Scout HQ in the village is to be named either Lawrence Way or Lawrence Drive in his honour. He joined the Old Paludians in 1999 and attended the Reunions when he could. He will be missed and we offer his son, daughter and grandchildren our condolences. Remembered at the Reunion 2007

Christine Taylor née Scott

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Jill Stewart née Rider
17 January 2006
Her funeral was on Friday 27 January at 12.30 at Easthampstead Crematorium, Berkshire. Remembered at Reunion 2006

Mary Adamson

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Terry Knight

Remembered at the Reunion 2002

Keith Halstead
22 February 2003
We regret to report the death of Keith Halstead who was at the Grammar School between 1952-1960. The Secretary further regrets this report was not included in the 2003 Newsletter and the omission was rectified in the 2004 Newsletter. Remembered at the Reunion 2004

Elizabeth Lepper

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Douglas Garner
Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Michael Hatt

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Michael Lewis

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Peter Virgo

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Jeremy Black
April 2004
A funeral service for Dr Jeremy Black was held at St Andrew’s Church, Linton Road, Oxford at 2.30pm on Monday 24 May, followed by a committal for the family only. Donations may be made to the Jeremy Allen Black Trust for the Study of Assyriology c/o A W Bruce Funeral Service, 29 Rogers St, Oxford OX2 7JS. For more information on Jeremy's life, please see the Wikipedia article ( ). A SGS school prize has been created in his memory by his friends and colleagues. Remembered at the Reunion 2005

Stephen Callacher
30 May 2007
We have been informed of the death of Stephen Callacher. After SGS, Steve went to the University of St Andrews and subsequently taught Maths for many years at Dover Boys Grammar School, where he was well-respected by pupils and colleagues alike. He died at his home and was cremated on Friday 15 June 2007 at Barham Crematorium. His friends and colleagues have set up a website in his memory: Ian Cairns writes: "Although Steve did not belong to the OPA, nor are we aware that he attended any Reunions, he was well-liked and respected by his classmates from school days. We are all saddened to hear of his passing at such an early age." Remembered at the Reunion 2008

Gary Sanders

Remembered at the Reunion 2015

Elisabeth Koopman
30 September 2008
Dirk-Jan Koopman writes to inform us that his younger sister has died at an early age of breast cancer. Although not a member of the Old Paludians, we are all saddened by Elisabeth's early passing. Remembered at the Reunion 2010

Clare Seller

Remembered at the Reunion 2015