We are aware of the warning message that Wikispaces is closing down as our website provider in July 2018. We have contingency plans to ensure there will be no downtime. Please ensure that your bookmarks point to "http://www.oldpaludians.org/"

Reunion 2019 is announced for Saturday 23 March 2019 at Upton Court Grammar School, the invitation letter and booking form will be available in due course - please share this date and the invitations with your friends.

The R2018 Newsletter is now available for download from our Annual Reunions webpage

With great sadness, the death of Mr GH Painter (Head: SGS1967-1982, UGS1982-1988) on 3 November 2017 is announced.

We urgently need volunteers to stand or be co-opted for this year's Secretary and Archivist. Please contact any member of the Committee if you are available.

The new OPA book 'Ad Astra' is ready for purchase - please see our webpage for details. Photos from this year's Reunion 2018 are available

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Name of school

Type of photograph
Slough Secondary School

1912 - 1936




Slough Grammar School for Boys

1936 - 1982




Slough High School for Girls

1936 - 1982




Upton Grammar School

1982 - 1993




Slough Grammar School

1993 - 2013




Upton Court Grammar School

2013 - date

see note below

Old Paludians Association

1915 - date





For information or photographs on:
  • Upton Court Grammar School (2013-)

please refer to the school website - http://uptoncourtgrammar.org.uk



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