Our Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Act

We maintain a computerised database for all our records and would assure you that details are not passed to any other organisation under any circumstances - the single exception is that you may explicitly request us to pass on your details to Slough Grammar School. Your attention is drawn to your rights under the above Act. The Old Paludians Association will assume individual members have no objection to their details being maintained in this way. If any member has such an objection, please notify the Association's Secretary who will arrange for the details to be handled manually and not on computer file.


Photograph names

We are always willing to substitute "Withheld" for the name of any person appearing in any school photo - upon request by the person concerned. Clearly, this will prevent any search engines being able to make the connection between that person's name and all other persons' surnames present in the photograph - which is one of the major benefits that search engines can provide. However, we respect any person's desire not to have their name listed against their old school photographs.

Former Students

We maintain a webpage of former students and their news. We will only post details on this webpage where the former student has given their explicit permission for this. If you wish to withdraw any such news item, then contact the Webmaster who will arrange for the immediate removal of the details.

Internet Security


Our website does not use cookies and we do not intend to do so.


We do not track usage, other than to keep a counter of the number of visitors to our website.


We do not add commercial advertising anywhere on our website. Our requirement for unlimited webspace for our webpages with photographs means that we are obliged to use a webspace provider which adds its own advertising banners.


We do not pass your email address to any organisation, except at your prior express direction to Slough Grammar School. We are aware that some recent virus-infected email has purported to come from our 'oldpaludians.org' domain. However, we believe this was caused by 'spoofing'. If you feel that your email address has been compromised by our domain, please contact the Webmaster.