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The main website http://www.oldpaludians.org was originally created in March 2001 and this 'oldpaludians' Wikispace was created in April 2006 - both of these by Ian Cairns (SGS 1964-71, Staff 2003-2005). This Wikispace has been developed, and is jointly managed / maintained, by Colin Cairns (SGS 1965-72) and Ian Cairns.

You are encouraged to join this Wikispace and contribute to the editing of the pages. If you find you have a problem, then please let Ian or Colin know.

Ian has contributed some advice on managing your computer, which he recommends.


Ian at BBC Radio Berkshire in 2001

Ian at BBC Radio Berkshire in 2001


Colin inspects an old School photo at Reunion 2000

Colin with Pam Robinson (SHS1950-55) at Reunion 2008